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Praise for Ooh! Events

The Scott Wedding

HI Lisa, I am now in Fort Lauderdale for the baptism of my niece's new baby girl...I get to be one of the godmothers. What an honor. Again, Lisa, you will never know how very important you have been in our lives as a creator, a word smither, a listener, a resolver, a resourcer, a PERSON of love etc etc etc. Your family is blessed with you and so were we. Katie still talks of the wonderful Lisa!!!!...and that is when she is on Bora Bora for her honeymoon, not boring. You really did pull everything together. The angel gift will be in an honored place reminding us of you, thank you. Hugs to a very special person, Linda

Vanessa and Drake

Lisa! I cannot believe how amazing everything looked! It was just awesome. I had sooo many complements on everything. It was seriously magical. For starters, my bouquet was INCREDIBLE!!! It was more than I ever imagined. I loved the beautiful base it was weaved within. It was gorgeous. I adored the bridesmaids and groomsmen flowers too! The colors were beautiful, especially against the girls' brown dresses. I will send lots of pics. When we walked into the reception, I couldn't believe how enchanting everything looked and felt. You bedazzled me - every detail was perfect. I loved the firepit too! It was a hit! THe marshmellows were soo yummy. I think the last time I had those were probably 10 years or more ago! My mom was equally impressed with you. As was my dad and drake, and you know men don't normally even notice, much less comment! Specifically, Drake said that he saw you before the wedding, and said how nice you were and how he was blown away by everything early on and couldn't wait to see it all. Thank you, thank you again Lisa. If I can ever do anything for you, please let me know. If you'd like give people references, please give them my name and phone or email. I cannot speak highly enough of you and your team. I hope it wasn't too difficult the morning of with setup and that night breaking down. Again, thank you so much. We're celebrating here in Turks and Caicos, and we've been reflecting on the whole wedding, and it was enchanting and unforgettable because of you. With much love, Vanessa and Drake

Mother of the Bride

Excuse me for being so slow at writing this to you but things have been so hectic after the wedding. I don't know how to put into words the many thanks to you for making Shannon's Day so wonderful. All the flowers were so beautiful, so different and so Shannon. It was so very important to me to have everything a fairy tale for her and to have everything she wanted and because of you she did. We couldn't have picked a better person to take the responsibility of all of this to help give my Sweet Shannon the most wonderful day of her life. Shannon and I both look at you as a friend not just a florist we hired. Thank you so much Lisa and in years to come whenever we look at these pictures I know we will always thank you. One happy and proud Mother of the Bride Janey Pryor

Michelle Karetas

Thank you and your girls SO much for making my day BEAUTIFUL! We were so pleased with everything you guys did and could not have asked for more! Your creativity, dependability and just overall enthusiasm for my wedding really came through and was so appreciated! Also, thanks for the wonderful bottle of champagne in our room! Unfortunately, we had such a good time at the reception, we went straight to bed, but I promise it will be had very soon! We’re still traveling with family in town and have yet to have a real moment alone hardly!! J It’s all great though and we could not be happier. Thanks again and you’ll definitely be getting a lot of referrals from me!! Sincerely, Michele Karetas

Meredith Muse Wedding

Thank-you very much for doing such a beautiful job on the floral arrangements. I was very impressed as were many others - an the bridesmaid bouquets with the candy stripe amaryllis were a big hit! I definitely took the time to notice every details your created. I really appreciate your time, care and creativity that put a special touch on everything and made for the prefect ambiance! The rehearsal dinner,ceremony and reception were prefect! I enjoyed working with you and look forward to another time in the future! Sincerely Meredith Muse Bearden

Karen Moldoran

Dear Out Of Hand: We just wanted to say thank-you so much for all of your incredible hard work on our wedding. I honestly think the flowers were the most beautiful weddings flowers I have ever seen! Everything was absolutely gorgeous and beyond every expectations. It was such a joy to work with all of you! I really appreciate everything you did for us. We recieved so many compliments on all the of the arrangements! Thanks you so much for your talent, creativity and kindess. We appreciate it more than you will ever know! It was a beautiful day that we will always treasure. Thank-you for helping create it! Sincerely Karen and Scott

Katherine Parker

We had tears in our eyes when we saw what Out Of Hand created, it was just magical. It was exactly as we imagined and the letters that we got describing the event were above and beyond. You truly listened to our visions and made them a reality. Many thanks, Hopie and Katherine

Amelia and Ned

Thank you so much for all the work you did for Lia's wedding! The flowers were absolutely goreous and your creativity should be classified - as you are a national treasure! Next time I head over to Mt Pleasant, I'll give you a call and bring some wine. With Gratitude, Melissa Andrews

Emily Crowe

Lisa, thanks so much for doing the flowers..they were just lovely... Everything that you did was truly beautful, and we loved all of it! Hope you are about to slow down a bit, and enjoy the summer...I loved meeting you, and will always visit when I come to town..thanks so much Lisa...fondly, Denny Crowe

Kathryn Hartle

Thanks you so much for your help in making our wedding perfect! I could not have asked for anthing more. The rest of our life should run as seamlessly as our special day - you are awesome! Fondly, Kathryn Hartle

Elizabeth Haney

This is probably horrible to be emailing my wedding planner on my wedding night... but tonight was perfect... everything was absolutely PERFECT! I can't say it enough... just purely perfect!!!!!

Michele Sharpe

WOW! What a fabulous event, and the decor was breathtaking!!!!! You often hear brides say the decor etc was nothing like they imagined, and in this case it was far far beyond my wildest dreams. I hate that I did not get to see you, I simply could not rave enough about you, your team, and your skills... WOW!  I feel somewhat at a loss now that I do not have a real "reason" to stay in touch, other than I just adore you.

Emily DiTullio

Hi Lisa...just a quick note to let you know that everything was beautiful at the did a wonderful job. It was so nice working with were the right fit for us and I'm so glad that it worked out that we found you!! Thanks again...hope to see you at the shop sometime. Take care & God bless, Michelle & Emily

Mike and Shelby

Hi Jerri, Mike and I just want you to know that we think you did such a great job for us. I don't know what we would have done without you. We both really appreciate all the effort. It was so easy to work with you too. I think both Morgan and I were feeling quite stressed at different time during this process, but you were the calm voice of reason which we needed. Thank you again. Mike and Shelby

Betsy Hodges, Mother of the Bride

Dear Lisa and Susan, You guys are over the top. What beautiful flowers, programs and special supportive thoughts. Kudos to all of you! Sincerely, Betsy Hodge (MOB)

Sara and Bob

Lisa, Thank you so much for designing such a beautiful wedding. The room at Alahambra was absolutely beautiful and knocked everyones socks off! Karyn Iserman took some great still shots of the decorations and flowers - they are stunning and the flowers absolutely gorgeous. I could go on and on..... You were great to work with, very relaxed and laid back and I miss you guys!! Keep in touch, Sara and Bob

Cowles and Josh

well, the dust has finally settled and I have my voice back:) What can I say...It was a perfect night--from begining to end. Everything turned out just the way we wanted and the staff at the club truly enjoyed working with you. Cowles and Josh had the best time and are settled back into work and married life. Thank you both for all your hard work and great ideas. I look forward to seeing you soon in the shop! Have a great weekend and again,thanks for everything. Marion Gilchrist

Jane Barron

Everything was wonderful. You and Janet did such a wonderful job. It was great to work with y'all. I will definitely come around periodically and see what's new at the store and use you for any future events. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!!! -Jane

Lisa Goddard

Janet, I had to touch base with you and say a great big Thank you! I wish I had asked someone to take a picture of the beach house once it was set up before anyone got there though. I was never able to see what it looked like before it was filled with people. We were introduced so when we came in, everyone was standing and I did not get to get the real effect everyone else had when they arrived. I was told it all looked beautiful though! I cannot thank you enough for helping Donna Pender with the linens. I am still waiting for my contact at Aramark to contact me to let me know what their delay was. Not very happy about that for sure but I am so grateful you all were kind enough to help Donna out. The bouquets were so beautiful and the flowers on the alter were just right! You were so pleasant and easy to work with and I really appreciate it. Do you know if anyone got a picture of the place before people starting arriving? If so, I would love to see a picture of what the guests actually saw when they first got there. I am sure it was wonderful. I sure had a lot of compliments that is for sure. Again, a great big thank you for a beautiful job.

Ashley Semsar McGrath

Thank you so much for helping me with my flower selections and my wedding. The bridesmaids loved their bouquets and the flower girls were princesses with their headpieces, I was so happy when I got to the reception after the ceremony and saw all the beautiful wreaths on the tables and the cake. Thank-you for helping me to achieve the look I wanted within my budget. You did a marvelous job!! Love, Ashley

Cowles Gilchrist Whitley

Thank-you very much for giving me my perfect wedding. The tent was so beautiful and I could not believe the gorgeous chandeliers. I also loved all of the bouquets and flower arrangements. I have received so many compliments about how gorgeous everything was. Thank you for all of your planning, my wedding would not have been wonderful without all of you! Thank-you also for the Champagne Flutes, they will always remind me of Out Of Hand and my special day. Thank you again, I just can't say enough good things about you all. Fondly, Cowles Gilchrist Whitley

Elizabeth Stuckey

You do so many wonderful things. I am still singing your praises. I was in Visage today and telling Courtney how lucky she was to have you for her wedding. I loved the pictures. Elizabeth and Ryan look so happy. Your creations are beyond belief- really I mean it Lisa. People are still talking about them. I will always remember this as the perfect night. Everything really captured Elizabeth's personality. You just did a fabulous job of that. Thank you . Mary T. Stuckey, Mother of the Bride

Angela and Thomas Kobrick

We just wanted to say how beautiful our wedding flowers were. They really made the day special, and everyone said they were lovely. We came by your shop a couple of times, but I'm sorry we missed you. Thanks again for helping us make the day beautiful! Angela

Martha Kent Jenkinson

Lisa, I can not thank you and Jerri enough for all that you did for the wedding. It was absolutely perfect and above and beyond anything that I could have ever imagined. I am sending you the pictures, and I think they are amazing too. I am still speechless about how everything looked. I kept telling my parents over and over that it was perfect. The tents near the water were fabulous! The bar was unbelievable! The arrangements inside in the hall! Wow!!! I want to get together with y'all some time soon. I want to tell you about how much I loved everything. I just can't get over it and can't stop thinking about it. I have so enjoyed getting to know ya'll. It has all been such a wonderful experience with y'all. Please tell Emma that I said hello. Love, Martha Kent

Melissa McMillin Cofar

I know it has been a bit since the wedding, but I wanted to send you a quick note to personally thank you for the amazing job you did at the wedding! Everything was perfect and so beautiful. It was so much prettier that I had even ever imagined. The oranges worked so well with the natural brown in the room and the chuppah was the most pretty that I had ever seen! It really did not need a stitch of flowers! I will most definitely send you pics as soon as I get them! Thanks again and I hope we can all work together soon (when my sister gets engaged!) Thanks again, Melissa McMillin Cofar

Courtney and Chris Duncan

Dear Lisa and Staff: Thank-you for making our wedding dream a reality! It was a fairy tale setting fit for Disney! I spent the entire evening trying to take it all in. The Cotton Dock has spectacular. Chris, my parents, his parents and myself were amazed and have enjoyed the wonderful and memorable feedback from guest who were also in awe. I wouldn't change a thing and couldn't have ever imagined it better myself! Thank you also for teh beautiful wine carafe and glasses! They are a beautiful memento of our experience with Ooh! Event. Much Love, Courtney and Chris Duncan

Jessica Johnson

Hey Lisa, I apologize for the tardiness of this note, but I wanted to thank you again for everything you did to make our wedding a wonderful event. People always told me that the day would seem like a whirlwind, and it certainly did fly by. After looking at the pictures that Ashley took, I am amazed at how beautiful everything turned out. We received numerous notes from guests who just thoroughly enjoyed themselves and loved all of the flowers and décor. Your company is full of truly talented professionals, and I hope that we will be able to use your services again one day! All the best, Jessica

Kelly Martin

Hi Ooh Events ladies, I just wanted to give you a guys a big thank you for all your hard work on the florals and decor done on my wedding day. Everything looked absolutely gorgeous, and we are getting tons of compliments from guests. You guys really did a great job of listening to my ideas and creatively manipulating those thoughts into something that would work. Everything was as beautiful as I had envisioned, and all the florals held up extremely well throughout the night--I can't believe those two arrangements at the altar did so well considering the terrible weather!!! Thank you again--especially to Alison who was running around all day on Saturday for me--you are awesome!! I will never hesitate to recommend OoH to any bride. Thanks!! Kelly

Emily Pruden McNeely

Thank you all so much for the time, effort and creativity you put into my wedding weekend. Everything was absolutely amaing from the invitations....most beautiful ever!... to the amazing flowers, antique plates and turquoise milk glass... I could go on and on... And a special special thanks to Anne for all the the brillant ideas and coordination. And of course, thank God the wetaher cleared in time for the ceremony. I'll give Rev. Ott all of the credit for that. A lot of time, stress and occasional freak outs ( on my end) went into the wedding weekend and it was all completely worth it! I truly can't thank you all enough! Emily Pruden McNeely

Kim Guenther

If more people were as overjoyed as you there would be more fresh baked cookies, less spam in your inbox and more reasons to celebrate than all the belly laughs. In facts, life would be just one big party! Im so grateful there's you! Thank you so much for making our wedding wonderful! Dan and I had an unforgettable experience. Many Blessings, Dave and Kim

Erin and Phil Hamilton

Lisa, DO you remember when we first met and I was the hesitant one (budget minder) and Phil was all bout the flowers? Well I have to say that I have never been MORE impressed by a florist in all my life! I am so happy Amanda recommended you - worth EVERY penny! What a talent you all are! I will always recommend you when I can! Thank-you, thank-you!!

Danielle and Kevin

Lisa and Jerri, We are both so thankful we found your company to do our wedding. We have seen some of the proofs from the wedding and when I get the actual prints I will send them to you. There are some outstanding pictures of your work that actually have no people in them. It would be great to show them to future brides. If you ever need a areference or if there is a web site we can leave our comments on- please let us know. I have received so many compliments on the decor and coordination. Danielle and I thought everything was more than beautiful and ran so smoothly. I will forever remember how kind and creative all of you are. You have both been gifted with organization and creativeness. My heartfelt thanks to all of you, Pattie

Megan Milner

Dear Lisa, and Jerri, Craig and I want to thank you both so much for all of your hard work last weekend and prior to the wedding as well. I have gotten so many phone calls and messages from friends and family saying it was the most beautiful wedding they have ever been to and the most fun. From the bottom of my heart, I want to thank you both for helping us to make that happen and for putting up with all of my crazy ideas and changes etc. In the end, all of it was more than worth it. I had the time of my life, and I will never forget it. It was truly a magical weekend, and it never could have been possible without you. with deepest gratitude, Megan and Craig

Elizabeth Hunter

Ladies, Thank you SOOOOO much for your hard work and the beautiful result this past weekend. EVERYONE commented on the beautiful flowers. You gave the entire event just the right mood and atmosphere. I couldn’t be more pleased. Jerri, I know it was a rough day on Saturday! Between the storms and the Swedes it was a challenge, I know! Elizabeth was quite pleased, and even commented that the height of the snap dragons was just right!! Anna may have to take some heat about those carrots, but you guys were terrific! Thank you again. It was a true pleasure. Mother of the Bride 10-9 Elizabeth Hunter, Ocean Course on Kiawah

Megan and Craig

Dear Lisa, and Jerri, Craig and I want to thank you both so much for all of your hard work last weekend and prior to the wedding as well. I have gotten so many phone calls and messages from friends and family saying it was the most beautiful wedding they have ever been to and the most fun. From the bottom of my heart, I want to thank you both for helping us to make that happen and for putting up with all of my crazy ideas and changes etc. In the end, all of it was more than worth it. I had the time of my life, and I will never forget it. It was truly a magical weekend, and it never could have been possible without you. With deepest gratitude, Megan and Craig

Tyner Ray Lollis

Jerri, Thank you so much for all your help and hard work during my wedding and the planning process! You played a big part in making my day perfect! Thank you so much for all you did! Love, Tyner Ray Lollis

Sue and Ryan

Dear Lisa, Wow is all we can say! Our wedding was absolutely amazing and it exceeded our wildest expectations. we want to thank you for all of your hard work and dedication. Our guests are still telling us how unique and fabulous the wedding was.We couldn't have done it without you! Thanks again! Love, Sue and Ryan

Karen and Nick

Dear Jerri, Thank you so much for making our wedding go smoothly. We could not have done it without you and your staff. Also, thank you for the beautiful glasses and decanter. Sincerely, Nick and Karen

Ashley Hall Centennial Weekend

Dear Lisa, Ashley Hall Centennial Weekend was an amazing success. This weekend could not have been possible without the support of you and your staff who helped create this memorable event. I am especially grateful for your vision and foresight in the weeks leading up to Friday evening. This was the party of the century, and a night our guests will never forget. Thank you! Best regards, Stephanie

Lisa and Bryan

Dear Lisa, Mags, and the "Out of Hand" staff, I know this card is a few months "late" but I wanted to thank you one last time for the incredible flowers and decorations you provided for our wedding this past August. I can't even express how beautiful everything was. My bouquet, the table centerpieces, the hanging lanterns...SO AMAZING! You are wonderful people and it was a true pleasure working with you! Thanks again and God bless! Love, Lisa and Bryan

Christina and Phil

Dear Lisa and Jerri, Thank you both for everything you did to make our wedding day beautiful! The flowers were absolutely gorgeous and everyone loved the lanterns! Good thing we added the extra benches for the ceremony! Phil and I had a great time and we didn't have to worry about a thing thanks to you guys! Thanks again, Christina and Phil

The Smiles Family

Dear staff at "Out of Hand", I apologize for not naming names, but I forgot to ask Lisa for names before she left for her honeymoon! Thank you so much for helping to create such a magical wedding for our daughter. I've never heard so many compliments on wedding flowers! Your creativity and skill was clearly exhibited-breathtaking! Thank you again and please feel free to use us as references. The Smiles Family


Hi Lisa! I really can't thank you enough for all th ework you and your staff did to make my wedding so beautiful! Seeing everything for the first time was like being in a dream. It was everything I had imagined and more! It was so much fun working with you, and I'm so glad to have met you! Please extend my gratitude to your kind staff. I wish you all a fantastic, happy 2010! All the best, Jeanne-Marie

Briana and Aaron

Lisa, I just left Briana and Aarons' wedding and I just had to get in touch with you. Words cannot describe how perfect everything was today. The flowers were spectacular and the reception ... breathtaking. A perfect day for two people that me a great deal to Dave and I. Thank you to you and your team for helping them realize their vision and making their day so incredibly special. Once again, your the best!!! April

Abbie Farone

Hi Lisa Just wanted to send a HUGE thank you to you and everyone at Out of Hand that helped with the flowers. They were beautiful! You really did a great job, and I appreciate your thoroughness on short notice. The centerpieces matched our grey and pink linens wonderfully as did the ceremony bouquets and flower petals with the fucshia chair ties. I'll send you some pics. Thanks again. Your team is awesome! Abbie Farone

Army Wives

Hi. The flowers Tuesday were absolutely beautiful!! the red poppy-looking flower with green edges was breathtaking! Missy Ricker

Richard and Jessica Morse

Dear Jerri, Thank you so much for all your heard work in planning and executing our big day! Your kindness, patience, organization, and dedication and not go unnoticed or unappreciated. We really could not have asked for anything more. Moreover, we enjoyed working with you so much. You are truly great at what you do! We wish you and your family a happy, healthy 2010! All the best, Richard & Jessica Morse

Debbie Shannon

Dear Lisa & Out of Hand Team, It is a very special moment when something takes your breath away at first glance. Certainly our bride Lauren did last Friday - but so did her flowers! She loved your work on all the bouquets & corsages. Just exactly what we hoped for and more than we anticipated. I am still enjoying them in vases around my house. Thank you for listening well to what Lauren & I wanted and then putting such loving attention into your work. We are so glad we found Out of Hand! Debbie Shannon P.S. The lanterns created just the ambiance I hoped for at the reception!

Elizabeth Grace Occassions, LLC

Lisa, I just wanted to say thank you for all the support you gave to the Kai fund raising committee. We raised nearly $20,000 and there is no way we could have done that without your donation. You are a real pleasure to work with. As I mentioned when we met, my sister and I are starting our own business- we are in the very beginning phases, but as we grow we will be sure to use/recommend Out of Hand for all rental and decor needs. I look forward to working with you again soon! Sincerely, Amie Waldeck

Kimberly and Alex

Dear Lisa, Terri and Staff, WOW! Thank you both for making the most beautiful chuppah for our wedding last weekend! We loved it! I had given up on having the chuppah I wanted until I found out about you guys! Thank you for all your hard work & creativity. Also- Lisa - thanks for showing me how to make the photo book on iPhoto. I did it with our engagement photos & wow - what a wonderful guest book it made! Many, many thanks for all the ways you guys made our day special! Best, Kimberly Richey & Alex Filler


Dear Lisa and girls, What can I say after I say Sensational!! Your talent out shines all words! Such flowers, such attention to detail. I was beyond pleased. Your contribution to the celebration of Jennie and Jimmy's wedding was magnificent. How luck was I to have found you while on the Old Village House tour? Thank you, thank you,. Gratefully, Peggi P.S Extra thanks for the thoughtful mother's bouquets.

Linda Barnes

Lisa, It was Wonderful!!!! We are extremely pleased with everything from the flowers to the event itself. Alison was so professional, pleasant, and a joy to work with. She attended to every detail..could not have done it without her. Terri, also proved to be a great help the night of the wedding. I cannot believe it is over. It truly was a 'memory' that will be cherished. We would definitely recommend Ooh!!!! You all were great to work with! Thanks so much, Linda

Christy Reese Smith

Lisa, Thank you so much, the flowers were beautiful!! I loved it all! You do wonderful work! Christy Reese Smith

Jessica and Joey

I really keep thinking how I want to write you…not email, but for now a brief comment…and let you know, first, that even after a year, I cannot think of a thing that could have been more wonderful for Jessica and Joey's wedding…you all are amazing and it is one of the most wonderful days of our lives. I will not forget how calm I was(not anything to do with tequila or champagne before the ceremony!), but really because I knew you were well organized and provided us with the confidence to truly enjoy the day. We STILL have comments saying how beautiful, tasteful, and yet not "over the top" it was! Often when I need a "happy thought" that is what comes to my mind…I will be ever grateful for all you did. WE just will have to find another opportunity to have an event with you in the future! My best to all there, Susan

Katie and Rob

Lisa, Terri and Kristie, Rob and I wanted to send you all a big thank you, for your awesome details. You took my vision and worked with me to create my dream wedding. God was smiling down on Rob and I, the perfect weather, the perfect design firm and the perfect groom made my day so amazing. Thank you so much for the sweet gift, it was such a lovely surprise when we were opening gifts last night. Lisa one day I hope to be as good as what I do as you and your team are!!! Best Regards, Katie Arrington

Kit Coleman

What would I have done without you?! You did it ALL and I did exactly what you told me to do and that was to just enjoy myself. Thanks a million for all your hard work. It was a pleasure to deal with you and I hope I can refer some business your way if I hear of anyone getting married in Charleston. We all had a fabulous time and were not bothered by any details. It was what we hoped for and more than we dreamed could be possible as far as a perfect wedding weekend. Please thank Lisa as well for us. The flowers, rentals and arrangements were wonderful! Have a happy holiday, Jeanie

Anna Grace

I wanted to write you and tell you how happy we were with everything! It was exactly what I had envisioned as a shabby chic/ vintage inspired wedding. I appreciate all of your hard work setting up everything and making everything flow seamlessly. I have heard from so many guests saying how much fun they had and that it was the best wedding they had ever been to. You were so helpful through out all the planning and helping Eric and me throughout the weekend. We thoroughly enjoyed the night and did not want it to end! Thank you for making our wedding so special. I will certainly recommend Ooh Events to anyone who wants to have an awesome event! Kind regards, Anna & Eric

Brittany Gutherie

Lisa, Where do I begin? Words of thanks and appreciation do not seem appropriate! Our wedding night was spectacular; the night, the pictures and the compliments are never ending thanks to you and your staff! I am forever grateful for your expertise and attention to detail! Thank you again and many blessings to you and your staff during this holiday season. Peace, Brittany Gutherie

the Lackey Family

Dear Out of Hand family, I have earned that indeed there are many folks performing different tasks to produce a beautiful end result. The decorations were admired by all. Outside was dreary; inside was warm and inviting. We still have time "to sneak in some treats this season" before New Year's resolutions must be kept. "If nothing says loving like something from the oven," these goodies should glow with admiration. Happy New Year! With great appreciation and many thanks, The Lackey Family


Lisa, I wanted to let you know how much I appreciated all your help with Becky's wedding. Every who came had an awesome time. I really have fun planning the wedding with you. Your ideas and suggestions at the Cotton Dock were "right on." Have a great summer and you know my wish is that we have a chance and meet up again. Sincerely, Judy

Mandy Baker

Lisa, I cannot thank you enough for taking the time out of your busy day to let me interview you. I gained more insight from the 25 minutes we talked on the phone than from any of my experiences thus far in event planning including internships and other advice from mentors. Thanks to you, my presentation was a success, but most importantly my interview with you only confirmed the passion I share with you for event planning. Mandy Baker

Adrianne and Leo Bruce

Dear Lisa, Naomi, & the Out of Hand Team, Thank all of you for your hard work and talent that went into making our wedding unforgettable. Everyone has commented on the flowers while looking at the pictures. More than a dozen different guests remarked that mine was the most beautiful bouquet they had ever seen. The centerpieces were exquisite and I cannot express just how much Leo and I enjoyed working with you all! Thank you also for the precious decanter and glass set. I have fresh flowers in them on my desk. Again, I just wanted you all to know how much we appreciated all you did from start to finish. Adrianne & Leo Bruce

Siriphon Born

Beth, Please give our sincere thanks to the rest of the "Out of Hand" team for doing such a great job with the flowers for our wedding this past weekend. Brian and I were very pleased with how well everything turned out. The centerpieces were exactly what we had in mind and my bouquet was magnificent. Your attention to detail cannot be beaten! Thank you for picking up all the vases the next day from Dunes West and making it easier on us during our busy wedding weekend. Brian and I will definitely recommend your services to all of our family and friends. Sincerely, Siriphon

Betsy and Chris

Dear Lisa, Terri, Meredith, and the rest of the amazing team at Ooh!, Thank you so much for making our wedding a smashing success! We truly loved working with you all, and you made our day absolutely unforgettable. Our families and friends will be talking about what a wonderful job you did for years to come, and we certainly won't forget it! Thank you also for the lovely bud vases - they're a nice reminder of the time we spent working together, and they look great in our house! Much love, Betsy and Chris

Melanie Smith

Dear Terri and OOH staff, Thank you for everything you did to make Kim Hauser and John Jenkins' rehearsal dinner the very best possible evening for our family and friends. Sincerely, Melanie Smith

Janet Utsey

Dear Rebecca, Thank you for your lovely note. It was my pleasure getting to know you. Your Mom and Dad must be very proud of you. I know Lisa is SO lucky to have you! As Tommy and I have reviewed the wedding over the last days, we truly believe it was the perfect wedding. You, Beth and the OOH staff made that possible for us. Your flowers, design and service were over the top, but I would have expected nothing less from OOH. Their is so much more gushing I could do , but for now a great big Thank You. Will be in touch, Janet

Mandy Shealy, Amanda K Events

Hi Caroline! I just wanted to thank you SO much for your help yesterday!!! Everything looked beautiful and you and the Ooh! Staff were fabulous to work with. The bride and groom loved it all and had a magnificent time even with the new layout due to the rain. I think it actually made it better and more intimate, so everything works out! Hope to work with you again on the December 5th wedding I am working on with Lisa on at Lowdens Grove! Thanks again, Mandy

Debbie Johnson

Dear Lisa, I don't know where to begin and what words to use to adequately thank you enough for All you did to make our wedding the happiest and most magical time I have ever had! I do not believe I could have been happier on my own wedding day :) You are the most positive, upbeat, Sweet, creative, and encouraging person I have ever met!! I will continue to sing your praises forever... When I say "to know you is to love you"... I mean it! You are a one-of-a-kind precious gift to this world Lisa! God truly bless you in Every way! Love, Debbie

The Melton Family

Dear Sweet Kathryn, On behalf of our family I'd like to thank you for everything you did to make Stephanie and Jake's special wedding weekend one of the loveliest moments in our lives! You're gentle demeanor and attention to detail truly made such an impact on everything. Every detail was beautifully attended to. Thank you for all of your dedication and hard work. With appreciation, The Melton Family

Whitney and Mitch

Dear Terri, Thank you so much for everything. Our wedding was perfect in large part because of your hard work and vision. We can never express in words how grateful we are, but we hope you enjoy this small token of our appreciation. Thank you!!! Whitney & Mitch

Amber and Joel

Everyone at Out of Hand (especially Terri)! You are some of the most talented people I have ever met. Our wedding was SO gorgeous because of all your hard work. It was truly a green + purple fairytale we will never forget. Thank you! Joel & Amber

Becca Gosnell, Hemangioma Treatment Foundation

Dear Terri - Thank you for your leadership and creativity. You executed Cowboy (Couture) with grace and good cheer. It is always a pleasure to work with you. Becca

Ashley and Wallas

Terri, We want to thank you for the important role you played in Ashely and Wallas' wedding. The decor and flowers were over the top. The Thomas Bennett House looked amazing. Our guests said it was the most beautiful wedding they had ever seen. Thanks again, Glenn, Susan, Ashley, and Wallas

Karen Thompson

Terri - Words can't express how grateful I am - you were amazing. Thank you. All the best, Karen

Natasha and Michael

Dear Terri, I do not ever know how to express my sincere gratitude to you and your assistants for Natasha and Michael Coyle's wedding. You anticipated our needs before we could even voice them to you. Everyone including my parents told me how wonderful you were. I wish that I could give you monetary what you are worth to us. What I can do is recommend to everyone that want your service how great you are. You even worked after you broke your toe. AMAZING. Have anyone who wants to use your service call me or email me and I will ensure that they use your services. We will be forever thankful to you. Best regards, Donna Hannon

Elissa and Bryan

Terri, Thank you so much for everything. You played such a huge role in making the day perfect - and for that we will be grateful forever! Thanks again : ) Also - thank you for the mini wine set - it is adorable!! Hope to see you soon! Love, Elissa and Bryan

Mona Kalinsky

Lisa, I'm glad I trusted my gut instincts--you promised and you delivered!!! I can't tell you how happy I am about the entire weekend. Every detail was managed beautifully, and the end result was flawless...and I mean that sincerely (and I don't give out compliments unless they are deserved : ) ) You and your assistants are pros--and I enjoyed working with you. I really came as a guest to my own party and that is because I trusted you. Thanks for all you did and your expertise, advice and vision. I couldn't have done it without you (understatement!). And I have to mention that Claire is a wonderful asset of yours. She worked so hard and gave it her all. You ought to be so proud of her as a person and as an employee. People like Claire are few and far between. She handled herself so professionally throughout the night--if there was a problem I didn't know about it. Claire is a class act... Kudos to you all, and let's plan another celebration soon!!!! Warmest regards, Mona

Susan Held

Lisa, Thanks for all the amazing décor you did for the wedding. It was truly beyond words. You out did yourself. From Thursday night through Sat, everything was just perfect. You were a pleasure to work with and we appreciate all the efforts you put in. Thanks again. Best regards, Susan

Micah Ackerman

Hi Lisa! I just wanted to send you a quick email to thank you and all your staff for all your hard work! The flowers, decor, atmosphere was everything I ever dreamed of! I had a vision and you Guys brought it to life and I could not be happier! It was such an honor to work with Nate! He has a true gift to make a room come to life! He was so kind, patient and has such a warm heart. I felt as though I had known him my whole life and was so blessed to have him make all my wedding dreams come true. Beth did an amazing job on the flowers! She is so talented! I have all the flowers in my house right now and they still look just as beautiful! Again, thank you guys for everything. I look forward to working with you guys for future events. It was an amazing experience! Micah

Jenny Hanson

There aren't enough words to express my happiness in the final product. Ooh Events interpreted my vision and made it better than I could ever have imagined. They took a simple picture in a magazine and my own disconnected thoughts and ramblings and transformed it into beautiful floral arrangements, detailed touches that were so unique, and an overall experience that perfectly fit with both the theme and intended feeling of the wedding. Thank you, Ooh! I couldn't have done it without you!!

Liz & Matty

Ooh! Team, Thank you so much for the lovely wine glasses & decanter and for making our wedding weekend picture perfect. We are so thankful for you all & all of your hard work & incredible talent. With much love & gratitude, Liz & Matty

Chris Nichols (mother of Ashley Pfeffer)

Ooh Events, Thank you for the unobtrusive way you coordinated Ashley & Robert's wedding. I know she would not have been so relaxed if it hadn't been for her confidence in you. I've heard so many compliments about all aspects of the wedding & reception. I feel you are a big part of what it was so perfect. You allowed them to have their perfect day by executing it as they wished seamlessly! Thank you for all that you did! Kind regards, Chris Nichols (mother of Ashley Pfeffer)

Karen Reed

Thank you so much for sharing your creativity with us to create a picture perfect wedding! Laura and Colby had a magical wedding day - the weather was a blessing from God, but everything else was you all! Of course, family and friends made it perfect also. I had so many people come up to me and say this was the most beautiful wedding they had ever been to (me included) and that it was like a "celebrity wedding". You all are so creative and such a JOY to work with. Thank you so much for your patience and happy smiles! Karen

Becca Hancock

I just wanted to write a little email to let you both know how much I appreciate everything yall did to make our wedding day so perfect. It was truly magical! I cant thank you enough for working so hard to make it so wonderful. Every single detail was breath taking and I cannot even begin to tell you how many compliments and comments we have received. It was so amazing and I just wanted to let yall both know how grateful we are to have worked with the team at Ooh Events and how appreciate we are for all of your efforts. It was our dream wedding and I honestly cant even put into words how perfect it was! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Sara Pavone

Just wanted to drop you a quick note. You were so great to work with, and I just wanted to thank you again for everything...especially your unbelievable patience and understanding. You are so good at your job, and I am so thankful you were there to help us pull everything together for our big day. A million thanks to you.

Whitney Johnson Jacobs

I just wanted to thank you for the amazing work that you did for our April 28th wedding at The Creek Club. Our families and friends were so pleased at how everything turned out! I can’t tell you thrilling it was to see everything I had dreamed about for a year come to life. I’ve shared how much I loved everything Ooh did for us with all of my newly engaged friends in hopes that they too will look to working with you and the entire staff. Do you help people plan events and rent items for anything other than weddings? Baby showers, engagement parties, birthdays, etc? I know that I will undoubtedly be interested in working with you again someday. Have a great weekend! Whitney Johnson Jacobs

Sarah Boggs

Dear Ooh! I cannot thank y'all enough for planning my wedding. This was the most incredible day of our lives and we were able to relax and enjoy every second because of the fantastic job y'all had done. It was absolutely perfect, and Thomas and I will never forget it. I'm so sad its over!! You have been so wonderful to work with. You made us so happy - and at ease with everything. It wouldn't have been the same without you. I'll miss our weekly calls, but can now just call you as a friend!! xoxo Thank you again for everything! Sarah

Mary Beth and David Taraska

Dear Lisa and the Ooh Girls, Thank you for the lovely oil diffuser! And more importantly thank you for making our wedding more beautiful than we could have ever imagined! We could not have dome it without you. I will recommend OOH to everyone I know! Hope y'all are enjoying your summer:) <3 Mary Beth and David Taraska

Patti Trzcinski

What can I say..... Everything was perfect...just perfect! Everyone that I have talked to has just raved about everything. They've talked about how beautiful the ceremony awesome the food gorgeous the flowers much fun the reception was! I can honestly say that I would not have changed one thing. I'm so glad that you "encouraged" me to get the wasn't really so much about the added cost, but more about the look that Jen wanted for the reception. But after seeing how beautiful everything was....she commented on how much better she liked the look WITH the tents! The lights...the bar being right off the dance floor...the benches and was just perfect! Jennifer said yesterday when we were talking about everything...that she just couldn't get over how great you were to her. She said .."Maddie kept checking on me...asking me if I had eaten or if I wanted something to drink....and when I said I wanted the first dance just said OK! She was great!!!" Thank you so much for attending to every little detail... my parents table....the Pedi-cab getaway...little things that I didn't have to worry about! You handled everything like you have been doing this for years!! The thing that I still can't get over is how packed the dance floor was at 10:25!! Everyone had a fabulous time....all of Jen's friends from high school said that it was the best wedding they had ever been to...and they've been to LOTS of weddings!! :) I gotta say...when I first learned that you were my coordinator....and I saw how young you were...and you told me you were kind of new at the "solo" job....I was a little nervous. But after our meeting and a few emails....all my fears were gone and I knew that you were perfect for us! You were very organized and professional and I knew that I didn't have one thing to worry about! Seeing the look on Jennifer's face walking down the aisle and later at the reception....I was so happy that we had the pleasure of getting to know you and working with you...and having you be the one to share this day with us. I wish you the best of luck with your wedding career and know that you will do great things. Ooh Events is very lucky to have you with them!!! :) All the best, Patti Trzcinski

Teressa & Chris Marion

Thank you for your sweet follow up! Our day was truly everything we dreamed of and more. You and your team outdid yourselves. Everything looked perfect! It is a true testament when someone has a family emergency the week of an event, and still goes above and beyond to make sure everything goes off without a hitch and that is what you did for us. That in it of itself exhibits your tremendous dedication for your this case, Chris's and my wedding. I also wanted to Thank you for being a vendor that gave me stress relief before, during and after the event. Thank you for all of your patience while we went back and forth during the planning process, with our Plan A, B, C and eventually Plan D in the end!!!! You all at OOH Events and Out of Hand are by far the Best of the Best in all of Charleston and I will recommend you through and through on all the wedding websites I can find, and anyone I know thinking of tying the knot in the Charleston area! I hope our paths cross again as well! Our warmest regards, Teressa & Chris Marion 9-2-2012 Wedding

Lauren (Steele) Kauer

It's Lauren Kauer here, can't believe it has already almost been a year and a half since our wedding. Crazy how time flies! I just wanted to pop in and say hello. I also wanted to say again how grateful I/We are to you and everyone at OOH for coordinating our wedding. I have been in several weddings since my own and let me just say - You were brilliant. We were so amazingly lucky to have you! It made me that much more grateful for everything you did to make our day painless and perfect. I will be forever grateful to you all. I just wanted you to know what an amazing job you all do and to keep it up. All brides should be so lucky to have someone like you lovely ladies to be with them on their day. Thank you Thank you Thank you a thousand million times over!! Next time we come down to Charleston we will have to swing by and say hello! Much Love, Lauren (Steele) Kauer

Lauren Jones Harbin

Thank you Maddie and OOH Events for making our wedding day so special! We enjoyed our Sept 7th wedding so much at the Cotton Dock and everything turned out beautifully! We wish we can do it all over again! We will forward pics when we receive them! Thanks again! X X

Patricia Bruno

My daughter just had a baby on Friday, and she has gotten 5 arrangements from out of hand floral, I have never seen such beautiful flower arrangements ever! Thank you all so much!

Steph and I wanted to thank you so much for all that you did to make our wedding weekend perfect, from the flowers at Mingo Point to the breathtaking wedding decor. Everything exceeded even our own dream vision and we are so grateful that we were able to work with you and your team.  Your efforts were above and beyond, and we will be forever thankful.  The moment you helped create will last a lifetime.  
P.S Thank you for the beautiful arrangement in our bridal suite!
All the best,
Kevin and Steph
Kevin H. Small M.D.



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